York Nativity Play 2018

2018 York Nativity Play Aldermastoon

One of the endearing events that the restoration and rejuvenation of St Mary’s will aid will be the Annual York Nativity Play that occurs on four nights in December of each year. Now in it’s 62 year, this play still has the power to engage an audience and will continue to do so for many years. With a nightly audience of around 100 it would be an advantage to have permanent toilets and a dressing room on site. Currently we hire a loo cubicle and use a combination of the Parish Hall, Vestry, Porch and churchyard for the Dressing Room but we have managed well for many years and a few more won’t hurt us.

This year the plays are on 6,7,8,9 December.

2018 York Nativity Play Poster

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