Search for a Conservation Architect

architectual papers

A Conservation Architect for Project St Mary’s is being sought.

architectual papers

Since early summer 2017 a search for a Conservation Architect has been underway. The Conservation Architect will be the lead professional on the project, who will work with the project team to take the plans through discover, design and onto implementation. They are also being asked to take up the role of ‘church architect’ and to produce the quinqennial report, due in 2018.

The Oxford Diocese approved list of church architects was consulted and a short-list drawn up of 7 companies. Short-listing was based on conservation accreditation, distance from Aldermaston and an internet search on the companies. An invitation document was drawn up seeking information about the companies, their experience on similar projects to Project St Mary’s, their methodology of running such a project and an understanding of the outside resources they would be able to call upon.   The 7 companies were invited to come and see the church before submitting tenders.

6 tenders were received and it was delightful to know that all 6 were highly capable and able to undertake our project. After a long evenings deliberation the project team came up with a 2nd short-list of 4 companies for the interview stage.

A four member panel will interview the candidates with the rest of the project team and two advisor sitting in as observers. The interviews will take place on 5th and 6th December 2017 and a decision on the successful candidate will follow shortly after this.

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