October 2018 Update

Needs & Requirements - side 1

Feasibility Study

Since our last report Acanthus Clews, our architects, have been asked by us to undertake a Feasibility Study into how the requirements for modern facilities (toilets, servery) and extra space at  Aldermaston Church can be achieved. This Study was funded through a grant from Oxford Diocese – New Projects Grant Programme.

The project team devised a set of Needs and Requirements as input to the architects for the Feasibility Study. A summary of these Needs and Requirements has been created as a leaflet and  circulation started. The October 2018 Parish Magazines & Padworth Newsletter carries this summary.

The leaflet is reproduced here:

Needs & Requirements Leaflet

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Needs & Requirements - side 1


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Next Steps – Sharing for Comment & Feedback

The findings of the Feasibility Study will be widely shared for comments and feedback. It is these comments and feedback that will determine the path to a final agreed solution.

If you’d like to make comments now please use the online Feedback form

DAC Visit 13-09-2018
DAC members, Acanthus Clews architects and Project St Marys Team discussing the options from the Feasibility Study on site.

1. Oxford Diocesan Advisory Council (DAC)

We met with members of the DAC at St Mary’s on 13th September as a preliminary to their council meeting on 12th November where they will discuss the Feasibility Study options and send a formal opinion back to us. We  prepared two key documents for the DAC prior to them visiting the church.
These were:

  • Statement of Needs
    Statement of Needs
    Click image to view

  • Statement of Significance (Draft) – currently being updated to a full version by Oxford Heritage Partnership

2. Congregation & Local people

The first of several public meetings will be held at the church on 4th November 2018. Further meetings will be held around the Parish

3. Budget Estimates for the 3 Options in the Feasibility Study

We will be commissioning a Quantity Surveyor to provide budget estimates for the 3 options in the Feasibility Study.

4. Wider Consultation

Upon completion of the Statement of Significance & Budget Estimates approaches will also be made to amenity organisations

  • Church Buildings Council
  • West Berkshire Planning
  • Society for Protection of Ancient Buildings
  • Victorian Society
  • Historic England
  • & others

Next Steps – Restoration & Renovation Work

Along with work outlined above we will be looking at the potential work involved in restoration and renovation. In particular at what is required to resolve or at least minimise damp.


1st Public Meeting



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