Environmental Study – Nov 2016

Environmental Study

Analysis of the environment in and outside the building.

Tobit Curteis Associates have been commissioned to undertake an environment study of the church building. This study is critical for taking Project St. Mary’s forward. Understanding the environmental conditions in and around the building will be a key input to planning conservation activities.

This study is part of the 100 National Treasures  initiative from the Church of England that will help us conserve the wonderful wall-paintings in the church.

Tobit Curteis and one of his colleagues visited the church on 21st November 2016 to take measurements and seek evidence for their report.

The report is due in early 2017

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Impact on Heating system choice

This environmental study will provide information that will help drive a decision for a new heating system. There are many choices for a modern heating system to upgrade the current old radiators. But the decision is not simple because there several conflicting requirements:

  • how to keep people warm
  • how to keep the costs of heating low
  • how to protect our wonderful artefacts from further damaged
  • how to help reduce damp









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