Article for Parish Annual Report

Aldermaston Chrurch

New building

The progress with the new building has continued to be delayed due to discussion with Praxis, the owners of the Manor House.


In contrast. good progress has been made with the restoration work. On this front, we continued to work with specialists in restoration and renovation of old protected churches.


Environmental Study
Tobit Curteis and colleague collecting measurements

Firstly during Spring 2016 we engaged with Tobit Curteis to undertake an environmental study covering matters such as temperature, humidity and air movement and subsequently this April to advise on restoration planning and appropriate experts.


Following on from this, arrangements have been made with Peter Martindale (who produced a report in 2015 on the church wall paintings) to undertake restoration work starting this June. In terms of funding we are still using our previously raised start-up funds  and most of the immediate work to be undertaken will be funded by the  “100 Church Treasures’’. Funding for the major restoration and new building works will need to be raised once more detailed plans have been produced.


Ian Cave – Chairman – Project St Marys

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