Project Planning and Phasing

architectual papers

The age of Aldermaston’s  St Mary the Virgin church, it’s importance and it’s Grade 1 Listing means that planning for renovation and planning of any new buildings is a lengthy process. A process that will be influenced by many parties with relevant expertise in designated areas, for example: church buildings and grounds, wall-paintings, stained glass, medieval stone work to name but a few.

Phase 1 – Initial Planning

This phase is about understanding what needs to be done, what we are allowed to do, what permissions are required and how to fund it.

Project scoping

  • What needs repairing?
  • What needs restoration?
  • Heating improvements
  • Toilets & small kitchen


The funds required for this phase are associated with gathering information and preparing for planning applications. They will be mainly be consultant fees for the experts we require.

Preliminary Investigations

  • Ground surveys
  • Consultations with subject matter experts:
    • Wall paintings
    • Stained-glass
    • Grade 1 listed building regulations
  • Suitable options for heating and other practical considerations
  • Options for new space, toilets and servery
  • Understanding of the planning restrictions and planning processes

Seek Funds for Phase 2

  • Prepare applications to Lottery Heritage Fund and other funding agencies

Phase 2 – Plan Development

  • develop detailed plans and costings for both the building work and the renovation
  • seek funding for the Renovation & Building Phase

Phase 3 – Renovation & Building

  • this phase is awaiting the outcomes from the planning phases