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Our logo has been chosen: ‘Aldermaston Doves’

Aldermaston Doves
Aldermaston Doves

Inspiration from Aldermaston Church

The logo for Project St. Mary’s has been inspired by the column capitals at the west door of Aldermaston’s St. Mary the Virgin Church. The doorway is  believed to be Norman from the 12th century.

1V4C1170_sml  South Column at West door 



Designed by Andrew Hazeldean when a potter at the renowned Aldermaston Pottery. He designed this for the ‘Memories ‘  book in 2005. This book, officially titled ‘Memories of Life in an English Country Village‘ was a collection of memories of Aldermaston villagers from the 1950’s to 2000’s.

Memories Book
Memories of Life in an English Country Village.

Andrew trained as a potter at Aldermaston Pottery and since 2006, when the pottery closed, he moved to Yarnton in Oxfordshire where he now runs his own business.

More images of Andrew’s work

The Symbolism of ‘Two Doves’

The symbol of two doves has ancient meaning and is the reason why they appear either side of the 12th century west door of Aldermaston Church. They’re meaning is  ‘love forever’,  translated into ecclesiastical terms this represents  God’s love.  

The Dove symbols at the entrance to Aldermaston Church are there as welcome to all those that enter this house of God.

The derivation comes from the fact that doves are a special breed and only choose one mate to be with for their whole  lifetime. If one dove dies the remaining dove will not find a new mate and will spend the rest of their lives alone.