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Architect's office

Appointment of Conservation Architect

Conservation Architects for Project St. Mary’s In December 2017, the Project team held two days of interviews for the position …
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architectual papers

Search for a Conservation Architect

A Conservation Architect for Project St Mary’s is being sought. Since early summer 2017 a search for a Conservation Architect …
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2016 Nativity Play

York Nativity Play 2017

Aldermaston’s York Nativity Play moves into its 7th decade! Back for its 61st consecutive year is Aldermaston’s York Nativity Play. A …
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2017 Heritage Open day

2017 Heritage Open Day This is an annual opportunity to take time and look around this beautiful church. The church will …
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Aldermaston Church’s Project St Mary’s

Project St Mary’s is the renovation and rejuvenation project to prepare the 900-year-old St Mary the Virgin Church in Aldermaston for the use and the enjoyment of future Aldermaston generations. The church is unique in that it has 3 eras of wall paintings: medieval, restoration and victorian.

There has been a church on or near this site since the 11th Century, as it is mentioned in the Doomsday Book. The existing church was originally built in the mid-12th Century and has been extended and embellished regularly throughout the following 900 years. The last major renovation and refurbishment were between 1896 and 1902 when the then Lord of the Manor, Charles Edward Keyser, restored the church and embellished it with wonderful wall-paintings from Philip Harry Newman.

Project St Mary’s are considering the following rejuvenation & restoration work:

  • restore/repair wall paintings
  • restore/repair stained glass windows
  • restore/repair artifacts
  • tackle damp issues
  • replace heating system
  • new meeting room and facilities
  • new heating systems
  • repair the roof & guttering
  • repair plaster on walls
  • replace Victorian pebble-dash cladding

The project team report to the Aldermaston & Wasing Parochial Church Council. which is part of the Aldermaston & Woolhampton Benefice, within the Bradfield Deanery in the Diocese of Oxford.


Virctorian photo inside the church of St Marys Aldermaston


A Timeline for the history of Aldermaston Church One of the key elements to Project St Mary's is the understanding ...
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architectual papers

Project Planning and Phasing

The age of Aldermaston's  St Mary the Virgin church, it's importance and it's Grade 1 Listing means that planning for ...
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Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries Photos of the work required and work in progress for Project St. Mary's that aims to renovate and ...
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Getting Involved

Things that you can do: Please support the Church Fund Raising Come to church fund raising events like the Summer ...
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The following sources have been used to compile this site. Gordon Timmins: Aldermaston: A Village History (revised 2007) Wikipedia: Aldermaston ...
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